Saturday, 11 November 2017

Installing AnypointStudio 7 with Mule 4 Runtime

Install Java8:
  1. First you need to Download and set JDK 1.8.

 2.  Install JDK 1.8 and set Environment Variables JAVA_HOME (to jdk ),PATH (jdk\bin).

3. To check PATH .

Download AnypointStudio7 from below link and Extract in C:\ Drive:

  1.  Extract Anypoint Studio in C Drive only.
  2. Create New Project .
  3. If you can see HTTP and Sockets values in Palette section it means that you have installed Jdk Correctly.

3. To add more Connectors to the project just click on the AddModule and select the Connector from the available list and click on finish to get it into studio.

4. As Mule 4 Introduce Many operations for File Connector , we can see the new connector now in Palette and its operations.

Like this you can add as many as connectors you want to use.We no need to import from Update Sites as in OLD  Anypoint.

Expected Errors while Installing:

  1.  If you are unable to see the HTTP and Socket Options in Palette , it means that you didn't set the PATH ,JAVA_HOME Properly or you may not extract Anypoint studio in C: Drive .

Check the PATH and JAVA_HOME values and the jdk8\bin should be in first place in PATH variable and check that you extracted Studio in C drive or not.

2. Check the same resolution if you are getting below error while adding Connector.